Biking and cycling in South Tyrol

Biking on the easy tour. Or steeply uphill.

Biking in South Tyrol for action bikers and leisure cyclists, children and seniors: In Natz-Schabs there are cycle tours for everyone. Families and leisure cyclists can set off on a cycling excursion on the valley cycle paths heading south or into the Pustertal Valley. If you run out of breath, you can also take the train back. Mountain bikers choose the crisp trails in the mountains or venture onto the lines in the Brixen bike park on the Plose. If you want to take it easy on an e-bike, choose the forest trails up to the mountain pastures. The winding Dolomite passes, on the other hand, are the place of longing for racing cyclists.

The mild climate in Natz-Schabs ensures extra-long enjoyment: The bike season starts as early as April and lasts until November.
Simply saddle-proof

Biking in Natz-Schabs and South Tyrol

Leisurely valley cycle paths and crisp trails. Legendary Dolomite passes and panoramic alpine trails. Natz-Schabs is the central base for all bikers.
No bike with you?
Large selection of bikes for hire

Fancy a last-minute bike tour? No problem! Trekking bikes are available at the tourist office in Natz-Schabs. You can hire e-bikes from the hotels in Natz-Schabs, even if you are not staying there.

Several bike hire shops in the area also offer a large selection of bikes of all kinds. Bicycle helmets, child seats and child trailers can also be hired there.

Some bike rentals nearby:

Natz-Schabs: Your stopover while biking through South Tyrol
Take a deep breath. Recharge your batteries. Cycle on.
No cyclist can avoid Natz-Schabs. The Munich-Venice long-distance cycle route runs past Aicha and Schabs. The Brenner-Bozen cycle route and the Pustertal Valley cycle path also intersect here.

Natz-Schabs is therefore the ideal stopover on your cycle tour. Relax, recharge your batteries and spend the night in one of the accommodations. Then you can set off on the next stage with plenty of energy.
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