Raier Moos Nature Trail

Loop route around a spectacular area of moorland

The Raier Moos Nature Trail in Raas is a beautiful route leading through one of the most spectacular areas of moorland in South Tyrol. As you walk along this signposted loop trail, you will find a number of rare plant species and an incredible diversity of birdlife. Information panels lining the route offer a fascinating insight into the ecological importance of the biotope and its unique community of plant and animal life. The footbridge leading into the middle of the lake and the viewing perch hidden in the forest are wonderful spots to stop for a relaxing look around and observe the rare flora and fauna.
Route description

This nature trail encircles the approximately 10 km. Raier Moos biotope. From the church in Raas, follow the road to the east along marked trail no. 4 in the direction of Moser, then continue onwards to the right, following the nature trail logo, around the Raier Moos. Return to set-off point along marked trail no. 4. The information panels lining the route and observation points provide a wonderful up-close opportunity to see and learn about the habitat of an immense variety of plants and animals.

Tour overview:
Duration: approx. 40 mins
Elevation difference: 40m
Length: 2.2 km
Pushchair-friendly route

The Raier Moos biotope
The Raier Moos is the most important biotope in Natz-Schabs and, in its origins, was a large lake formed around 12,000 years ago on clay moraine. The first settlers in this area lived in pile dwellings on the river bank. Today, the Raier Moos is a protected habitat for endangered flora and fauna; the southern reaches of the biotope are home to thick populations of reeds and cattails, while the north-eastern area is characterised by classic moorland plants. In the spring months, a variety of marsh and waterbirds and dragonflies flock to this area.
The playground "Apfelgarten" is in the immediate vicinity of the biotope. A popular destination for family outings, the central feature of the park is a 5-metre-high wooden apple with an array of climbing activities.
The biotopes of Natz-Schabs
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